This blog post is kindly sponsored by Maybelline.

How to create a perfect complexion?

It’s simple:  A foundation that doesn’t slide off, streak or clog pores – but just delivers a gorgeous long-lasing glow!

 My approach to choosing foundation is pretty specific: I want it to feel weightless, cover what needs to be covered and look BEYOND natural – NEVER obvious or overdone. Seeing foundation for me is a big no-no. I want people to compliment my skin, not my base.
Here’s a reality check: Very few people have truly flawless skin – I look after mine scrupulously, but I also rely on foundation to achieve an even, luminous complexion. I prefer a liquid formula, as I find it easier to blend and to accomplish that glowy finish I like (without looking all made up). But of course I want it all – I want my base to last all day long (who has time for lengthy touch ups????), but equally I don’t want it to look like a mask.
So you see, finding something to fit the bill can be a bit tricky.
My job involves trying products for a living and I believe I have tested EVERY single foundation on the market – I have my small cluster of favourites on rotation, and a new addition to my personal edit is Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation.
I often get asked for budget-friendly options when I recommend makeup and skincare products – especially with foundations it’s something I struggle with because most of the time I am not satisfied with the shade offering. When Maybelline told me they’d expand their shades of Dream Satin Liquid from 8 to 22 – they caught my interest (they are also expanding the shades of their Fit Me Foundation, which gives more of a matte coverage from 11 to 22.)
And I’ve been wearing Dream Satin Liquid lately – apart from the fact that it feels like I’m not wearing anything, whilst smoothing out what needs to be smoothed (it very naturally blurs out the scar at my lip corners) I love the fact it contains hyaluronic acid. A foundation with skincare benefits is a bonus and when it contains my favourite skin plumping hydrating HA – well then I’m sold!

create perfect complexion maybelline foundation 

My Top 5 Foundation Base Rules

1 I match my base to my neck – not my face. The neck can be a little bit darker than the face and I find it looks more natural to go a teeny (TEENY!!!!) bit warmer. A too pale foundation will make blemishes and under eye darkness look more prominent.

2 Furthermore I always get two shades of foundation – one matching my natural skin tone and one slightly darker, as my skin gets a bit warmer in the summer and I blend them together accordingly. (My shades are True Beige and Sand)

3 No matter what anyone says, you don’t need 30 different tools – I use my fingers to work in my foundation as I find it gives the most natural result. My next preferred accessory is a wedge-shaped non-latex sponge. To prevent streaking, swirl it on in a circular motion and finish with downward strokes. (Use it wet for a sheer look and dry for more coverage).

4 To remove a makeup smudge without having to start over your base – dip a cotton bud into your foundation and swipe it on the smear – then blend in the remainder for a flawless finish.  This is much better than using makeup remover, which takes too much makeup off and leaves you with having to redo everything.

5 Remember you have a neck! Blend your base below your chin so there is no obvious discrepancy.

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This blog post is kindly sponsored by Maybelline.