Alessandra Steinherr is an award winning London-based Beauty Journalist.

She was the Beauty Director of GLAMOUR magazine for over ten years before launching her own Beauty Consultancy business.

In her new role, she has helmed successful brand partnerships and led innovative product range development for a large European retailer.

Her knowledge, expertise and signature no-nonsense approach to beauty and style have earned her a loyal following over the years.

The many questions she receives from her growing community on a daily basis led her to create a destination for beauty and style lovers who want in-the-know, practical advice and relatable content.

“Whilst it’s not hard to make a model look incredible with professional photography, lighting and expert make-up, I face a whole other situation in my personal life. Of course I’m lucky and get to test every single beauty product before it hits the stores and I LOVE and appreciate the life-changing power of a great one. But I’m just like everyone else – I get spots, I want to tackle the fine lines, make my skin glow, wear makeup that enhances me and play up my best assets whilst disguising the not-so-good-ones.

And although we live in a time where there have never been so many products, and where information is readily available, I feel there has never been so much confusion. Too much choice can leave one wondering where to start and sometimes leads to making the wrong choice or just give up altogether.

My aim is to be your personal beauty editor and help you navigate your way though all the uncertainty and help you select products and beauty treatments that work for you, that solve your beauty issues and leave you looking and feeling fabulous.”

Thank you for reading this and please drop me a line at contact@alessandrasteinherr.com to let me know what you think, have any questions or suggestions.

Love Alessandra x

Creative Direction by Philippa Williams


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