Barrier Repairing Skincare for Mask Wearers

barrier repairing skincare for mask wearers

Wearing a mask all day for work or during commutes/in public buildings has become the norm. It’s a necessity but it can affect your skin which is why I’m always advocating for products that support the skin barrier. Masks of various textures and materials can cause friction on the skin, irritate it and can create a sweaty, humid environment for the covered skin. Streamlining your skincare routine and choosing products that soothe, refresh and repair the skin is the goal. This Alex Edit features barrier repairing skincare – my recommendations for skin barrier strengtheners and soothers.

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barrier repairing skincare soothe strengthen support skin barrier for mask wearers new advanced night repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex* (New Formulation)

It’s hardly a secret that I’m a long time fan and consistent user of this serum. It’s my holy grail product and something I attribute to the good condition of my skin. When they first mentioned that they were upgrading the formula, I’ll admit, I was nervous but honestly after 10 weeks, I can still say it’s an incredibly brilliant serum.

Our skin performs differently depending on the time of day and ANR works alongside this to give your skin the replenishment and support it needs. Protection during the day and repair overnight. Ultimately, Advanced Night Repair is your skin insurance – it really protects and strengthens your skin barrier and promotes a healthy skin state keeping your skin functioning at its optimal rate. 

Its proprietary Chronolux technology, which supports your skin’s circadian rhythm and DNA repair, is still at the forefront of this formulation. However, the upgraded formula also delivers increased hydration (up to 72 hours) and more antioxidant protection. I’ve definitely felt the difference in hydration and my skin feels plumper.

La Mer The Concentrate*

Another cult classic serum that’s recently had an upgrade. I recommend this for mask wearers because it’s an incredible skin barrier-building treatment. It acts as a protective layer giving your skin time to repair its natural barrier that can become compromised by dryness, irritation or increased sensitivity. A calming skin soother packed with La Mer’s proprietary Lime Tea Concentrate, classic Miracle Both and sea kelp. Another great skin strengthener perfect for sensitive and delicate skin.

Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Cream Gel*

Choosing a cleanser that’s full of conditioning ingredients to replenish the skin is key. I love this new offering from Augustinus Bader packed with rose flower water, cucumber extract and aloe vera juice alongside their innovative TFC8 complex. What you get is a gentle but effective cleanse that soothes, calms and hydrates the skin.

barrier repairing skincare soothe strengthen support skin barrier for mask wearers

Dr Barbara Sturm Face Mask*

When the opportunity arises, try to treat your skin 1-2 times a week. I love this Dr Barbara Sturm Mask packed with soothing aloe, vitamin E and chamomile. It’s a wonderful comforting cream texture that helps nourish and calm the skin. It also contains Sturm’s hero ingredient of purslane which holds great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant skin benefits.

Omorovicza Gold HydraLifting Mask*

This mask is an incredible skin treat, applying as a beautiful velvety texture onto the skin. I choose this because it also works well for dry and sensitive skins. It heroes anti-inflammatory colloidal gold and nourishing rice germ oil for a silky smooth skin finish. Then there’s the added bonus of this being a brilliant firming mask that’s packed with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair*

I’ve spoken about this before in my how to calm irritated skin guide. It’s a great SOS product for impaired skin barriers and can be used on a targeted treatment style basis. This waterless formula acts as an occlusive shield – a barrier between your skin and the outside world to lock in moisture and protect your skin from environmental elements.