Best Firming Neck Creams

best firming neck creams

Let’s talk about neck care and my current favourite firming neck creams. It’s the area I probably neglect the most in my skincare regime but over the last year, I’ve been paying more attention to it. Whilst I’ve always been adamant to take my skincare down my neck (serum, moisturiser etc.) there’s something about choosing a specific neck cream.

The skin on our neck is thinner than on our face and tends to continue getting thinner and drier as we age. So having something that can offer additional nourishment and targeted repair is very appealing. We also have less sebum glands and pores on our neck so it may not match the skin type and concerns you target on your face. This is why reaching for a neck-specific cream can be beneficial in providing more intense nourishment and skin support – just remember to massage in any products very gently without pushing or dragging the skin.

Alongside the neck creams I’m currently loving, I also use my LED Mask (weekly when I can). LED light therapy is a treatment that I always recommend. Consistent use delivers great benefits of skin repair and firmness. I talk in-depth and demo my at-home LED Light Device in this post. 

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best firming neck creams

Neck Creams I’m Loving…

QMS Firm Density Neck & Bust Cream*

I started using this upon recommendation from my mom. It’s packed with oils to form a deeply nourishing cream that focuses on tightening and lifting the skin. I love the gooey texture which almost feels like a souffle  – such a beautiful cream. 

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub-D*

This is a powerhouse neck treatment packed with antioxidants and peptides to lift, firm and smooth the skin. You’ve got a multi-tasking formulation that evens skin texture and builds back elasticity to reduce fine lines and crepiness in the skin. There is also a version with SPF 25 which is great to use during the day.

Clarins Extra Firming Neck Cream*

If you’re looking for something that’s not as rich, this Clarins cream is the one. A super lightweight formulation now available in a tube format rather than the jar. It melts and smooths into the skin so easily and contains their Anti-Pollution Complex protecting skin from environmental stressors and free radical damage.

La Mer The Neck and Decollete Concentrate*

This balm delivers incredible hydration and nourishment for the skin on your neck. It doesn’t feel heavy and glides on smoothly offering firmer, lifted skin. Of course, this is also packed with their signature rejuvenating Miracle Broth and fermented marine-based ingredients to strengthen and support the skin barrier.