Best Hair & Body Products of 2020

best ahir and body products of 2020

Two of the beauty lessons I’ve learned during lockdown are how to take care and style my own hair and the power of a good body care routine. This is my edit of the best hair and body products of 2020.

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best hair and body products 2020

Babyliss 9000 Cordless Waving Wand*

I listed this in my Christmas Gift Guide for a reason! I’m not the best at doing my own hair but this has been a game changer for me making it so easy to create effortless waves. As it’s cordless, it’s perfect for use in the bathroom if that’s where you have the best mirror or lighting. 

Kerastase Chronologiste Pre-Cleanser*

I’ve been using the Chronologiste range for 8 years – it’s made such a difference to my hair. Whilst the secret of a healthy scalp and healthy hair is all encompassing with your lifestyle, this range is brilliant as a part of a long-term hair care routine to hydrate, strengthen and protect. In 2020, Kerastase launched the Pre-Cleanser which draws our attention to caring for our scalp the way we do our face. The charcoal helps to mop up free radicals and excess sebum on the scalp and the hyaluronic acid delivers hydration. Consider this the ultimate weekly scalp prep and refresh. 

Is Clinical Youth Body Serum*

In approaching my body care routine the same way I do my facial skincare, I’ve been layering products. One of my favourites is the Youth Body Serum which I layer onto wet skin after a shower. This is perfect for dry/dehydrated or sensitive skins formulated with hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts. I’ll then go in with a layer of body oil or lotion – you can read my edit of favourites here. 

Cerave SA Smoothing Body Cream

I’m a big fan of CeraVe. The cleansers are amazing and I actually featured their Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser in my Alex Skincare Edit x LookFantastic Box. They don’t disappoint when it comes to effective, functional body care too. The SA Body Cream contains salicylic acid, 3 types of ceramides essential for skin barrier protection and hyaluronic acid. It’s brilliant at hydrating and smoothing the skin through gentle exfoliation. 

The Light Salon Boost LED Bib

I adore LED light therapy and consistently have this treatment at The Light Salon where possible or using their at-home devices all through lockdown. The Boost LED Bib offers LED light therapy for your neck and chest – an often neglected area in our skincare regimen. It works to boost hydration and firmness in the skin. What’s great about the LED Bib is that you can also wrap it around other parts of the body that are suffering from muscle soreness as it helps to ease this tension. I have an in-depth review on the benefits of LED light therapy and a demo in this blog post.