Body Treatments For Silky Smooth Skin

best body treatments for silky smooth skin

We all love a good body exfoliant to reveal smooth, refreshed skin but what happens after that? Here’s my roundup of noteworthy daily body treatments that you can layer on for silky smooth, hydrated and healthy skin below the neck. All summer approved formulations that won’t leave you feeling sticky in hot weather. 

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best body products for silky smooth skin

Sisley Black Rose Beautifying Emulsion*

I’m a longtime fan of the Sisley Black Rose range and their latest addition offers you all the benefits of the Black Rose formulation for the neck down. It’s a super lightweight, fresh cream that glides onto the skin leaving you with a luminous, satin finish. You’ll see instant results as skin looks and feels hydrated, plump and supple. 

Oskia Renaissance Body Treatment Milk*

Oskia’s latest body care offering continues to level up expectations on body hydration. This incredibly lightweight (almost fluid) lotion is packed with natural AHAs, Vitamin A, plant oils and Oskia’s signature MSM to deliver a beautiful daily treatment. Expect nourished, soothed, glowing and smooth skin. And yes, it does smell as good as the cleansing gel. 

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion*

A staple body lotion for any beauty shelf, Ameliorate is perfect to renew dry, flaky skin with its hydrating and gentle exfoliating formula starring lactic acid. Coming soon is a supersized version of this in a pump bottle!

Aurelia Firming Body Oil*

A good summer body oil needs to be lightweight, easy to apply and dry touch. Aurelia deliver this with their gorgeously scented Dry Body Oil packed with nourishing and antioxidant boosting oils. It leaves your skin with a beautiful radiant sheen. Honestly, this is actually a year round favourite.

Bioeffect EGF Body Serum*

I’m a big fan of the cult Bioeffect EGF Serum and the Body Intensive gives you the benefits of their plant-based EGF for the whole body. A lightweight, serum-like formulation with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and soothing Icelandic Water. It feels fresh, firming and gives skin a healthy, smoothing finish – perfect on a hot summer evening.  

Summer Fridays Summer Silk Nourishing Body Lotion*

The comfort of a nourishing body cream packed with plant oils and butters but still feels lightweight. Summer Fridays have delivered a lotion with a blend of ceramides and emollients that melt seamlessly into the skin. It feels like a layer of silk locking in moisture and will have you basking in the joyful scent of summer holidays (coconut and almond).

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