Considered Beauty Brands to Know

considered clean beauty brands

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I choose to use the term “considered beauty” when it comes to brands that focus on sustainable and transparent practices in their mission. Whilst they are most often referred to as “clean beauty” brands, there is no official definition as to what a “clean” beauty brand actually means so I struggle to accept and use this term. Instead, here is my edit of considered beauty brands to know.

Something I love about considered makeup brands is that they tend to focus on light formulations that layer well with each other and don’t sit heavy on the skin. I’ve been trying some new products and it’s all about keeping that fresh skin glow.

considered sustainable beauty brands ilia biossance rms

Saie Beauty is a small US brand. I adore the products in their edited range. It’s a beautiful brand – from their aesthetic to the philosophy behind it. They are all about products that create a fresh, dewy glow. I love the Glowy Super Gel in Starglow*. A luminising base with a water texture that is so light to blend into the skin and create that dewy finish. Generally, water based primers are great under most products. There’s no heavy or tacky texture to this primer nor does it leave a film on the skin. I predict a big future for this brand!

I love the Ilia Super Serum Skintint SPF40* – my shade is Diaz. It’s the perfect example of skincare meets makeup. A lightweight foundation with hydrating skincare properties. It contains niacinamide, squalane and hyaluronic acid! Since it’s a hybrid formulation I like to apply it with my fingers. It melts in so easily and just glides over the skin. As it’s a tint I love that it provides good coverage but also lets your natural skin show through for a fresh finish. It works beautifully with the Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel underneath – that glow really shines through.

Westman Atelier is a brand that I adore but I won’t deny that it is an investment. My favourite is the Face Trace Contour Stick* in the shade Biscuit. The texture is so light that it glides onto the skin effortlessly and blends. I’m not a big fan of strong, visible contour but this allows me to create subtle invisible sculpting for a more natural look. I also use it as a bronzer across the cheeks to add warmth to my skin (especially if I haven’t done my self-tan routine yet) and wash a little of this on my eyelids sometimes as a base before eyeshadow.

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One of my favourite highlighters is from RMS Beauty. Living Luminizer* is essentially a transparent pot of glow to add a dewy finish to the skin. It has a balmy texture that you can warm between your fingers but it’s not sticky. I love to apply this on the cupid’s bow, highlight the tops of cheeks and on the top and tip of the nose.

Biossance is one of my favourite results-driven biotech and sustainable brands from the US. The entire range is vegan and contains sustainably sourced squalane. You will probably know by now that squalane is one of my favourite skincare ingredients and I highly rate every formulation from this brand. The 100% Squalane Oil* is a staple for all over body hydration. I also adore the Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel* to plump and firm a dehydrated eye area.