A Deep Cleansing Sunday Facial

deep cleansing sunday facial skincare routine

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With allergy season in full swing, I’m feeling in need of deep cleansing and soothing Sunday Facial – for skin and self. Normally I do my Sunday Facial later in the day but today I felt like taking this time for myself on a Sunday morning.

To begin I’m going for a light cleanse with the Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser*. I like this because it’s a non-drying lightweight gel cleanser that refreshes my skin without stripping it. 

To exfoliate I’m using the Chanel Sublimage Ultimate Light-Renewing Exfoliating Lotion*. I chose this for its balanced formulation. It’s an AHA liquid exfoliant with a low dose of glycolic acid. It also contains brightening niacinamide and nourishing glycerin. I’ll apply this with one of my reusable cotton pads. It really brightens my skin without leaving it feeling tight or aggravated. If, however, your skin is particularly sensitive you can rinse this off rather than leaving it on. 

My skin is really in need of double masking – especially as my eyes have been puffy and sore from the hayfever. I love the Decorte Total Relief Eye Mask*. These patches are so soothing on the skin especially when I’m constantly rubbing my eyes from allergies. They contain gamolenic acid and antioxidants – to soothe, cool and support the delicate eye area. 

For the face I’ve chosen the Dr Sebagh Skin Perfecting Mask*. It’s a cleansing mask which I don’t normally use – I usually choose something hydrating. But it’s important to focus on what your skin needs in the moment and today it’s a deep clean I’m craving. This is a kaolin clay based purifying mask but isn’t harsh on the skin.

I get a lot of questions about anti-aging eye creams. No cream is going to be able to erase crow’s feet or deep wrinkles. However, I’m a massive believer in using eye cream. I started using one in my mid-20s and focused mainly on lightweight formulations for hydration perhaps with some antioxidants. As we mature, you may want to upgrade your formulation to one with more punch. The Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream* is great for your 30s – it’s a medium texture with a velvety feel that’s not too heavy. 

For my hydrating serum layer I’m using the new Guerlain Super Aqua Emulsion*. As an emulsion it’s richer than a water-based serum. It brings a layer of extra support and hydration to the skin. If you’ve been dealing with stressed,dry, flaky, dehydrated skin then I’d recommend this. It is fragranced – and doesn’t irritate my skin but just to be aware if that’s a no-go zone for you.

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I adore the Pietro Simone Bio Recovery. This moisturiser really is a powerhouse with vitamins C, A, E and a peptide complex. The retinol in this cream is at a very low dose and is encapsulated so it is gentle enough for my skin. This is such a complete moisturiser – great if you’re looking to upgrade to something that does more than just hydrate as it contains actives.

As advised by my mom, I’ve been trying to implement a neck cream into my regular routine. I’ve talked about the QMS Firm Density* which I love. Today I’m trying the new PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Plus+ Sub D/Neck*. I quite like a neck cream to have a premium creamy texture like this one does. The skin on your neck is thinner than your face and with a lot less oil glands. So, you will want something richer for the neck. Full of copper peptides and omegas to stimulate collagen production, this neck cream deeply nourishes and supports the skin barrier. 

To finish I’m applying the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Oil*. I love the rollerball applicator. The texture of this is so nice. Whilst it’s an oil it’s not greasy at all – almost feels like a serum for the lips. Another new favourite for the skincare shelf!