What does it take to achieve healthy skin?

how to achieve healthy skin advice

It’s what we all aim for – flawless, even-toned, smooth skin. With the endless often contradictory advice, it’s frustratingly confusing to say the least. Figuring out what’s right for your skin is not as simple as simply knowing your skin type. It’s a starting point – but not the whole picture.

Firstly, our skin is perpetually evolving under the influence of seasonal and climatic changes, stress & emotional levels, diet, sleep state, medications and for women, the added hormonal fluctuations and menstrual cycle (hello monthly breakouts!).

Secondly, most of us aren’t dealing with just one skin gripe – I would say we tend to have an average of 3 concerns that we’d like to tackle (mine are dehydration, fine lines and reactivity) for someone else it may be loss of firmness, blocked pores and pigmentation or rosacea, breakouts and dark undereye-circles. You get the picture. Having just one set routine performed every day in the same way forevermore is not the answer. To get the results you want to treat your individual concerns. I want to encourage you to become your own expert (if you don’t know where to start don’t worry, I am here to guide you).

skincare guide to healthy skin

Rather than just going through the motions, take a bit of time every morning and night to asses your skin: how does it feel? Parched/Flaky/Oily/Bumpy how does it look? Flushed/Dull/Uneven/Tired

Based on this quick-once over, you can then custom-select the products that will benefit your skin most that day. Obviously, I am not suggesting you acquire an endless supply of products and use a new one every day. Once you’ve pinpointed your top 3 skin concerns, you can put together the building blocks of your own personalised skincare collection. And then mix and match from this selection according to how your skin looks and feels at that point in time.

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