(AD) How to achieve naturally radiant skin


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Pigmentation and skin discolouration is a complex skin issue. The causes can be many things from environmental factors to genetics or medication. However, sun exposure is the most frequent cause of pigmentation.

When I was younger I did get sunburn. I’d be out in the sun with a very low SPF (factor 8 or 15). Sun protection awareness just wasn’t around much. And now, that sneaky pigmentation is beginning to surface.

How To Treat Skin Pigmentation?

It’s complex. A combination of starting or continuing to use adequate sun protection. Whilst also finding the right skin treatment.

Treating discolouration and pigmentation is not an easy process. It takes time to heal the skin. There are so many pigment inhibiting and radiance boosting products out there but I find a lot of them are quite aggressive. What’s the point of fading your pigmentation if the rest of your skin is suffering from inflammation due to using aggressive products?

I’ve been trying products to treat this and bring clarity and radiance back to my skin. Whenever I’m choosing a new treatment, I know it needs to be something that works in harmony with Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair*. It is a well-known fact that I’m a long time fan of ANR. It is a serum that I credit with maintaining my skin and giving it a healthy balance. I’ve been using it for so long. I believe it’s one of the main factors in the upkeep of my skin’s condition.

So, when I noticed that I was starting to get a little discolouration and pigmentation, I knew that turning to Estee Lauder, a brand that I’ve trusted with my skin for so many years, was the best option. The new Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment* works well alongside ANR. They are perfect partners. 

radiant skin estee lauder perfectionist pro birghtening treamtent

Why I Love the New Perfectionist Pro Rapid Brightening Treatment

This new treatment floods the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and hydration to get the job done rather than a combination of aggressive actives. Yes, it is formulated with a potent form of vitamin C but this is blended with ferments to work on fading pigmentation spots without irritating the skin.

The main ingredients for tackling pigmentation and brightening the skin is the vitamin C, a yeast ferment and molasses ferment. Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant. It will be the first thing you want to look for to even your skin tone, diminish sun spots and protect your skin against pollution. However, it can be highly reactive. You need the right blend in order for it not to be irritating on the skin. Estee Lauder blends vitamin C with two ferments. The molasses ferment works on the surface of the skin to break down the excess melanin. The yeast ferment works deeper to purify the excess melanin and normalise its production.

Then we’ve got the supporting ingredients. These are squalane (which I love), hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, glycerin and salicylic acid. These ingredients are brilliant in creating a well-balanced formulation. They work alongside the hero ingredients bringing hydration to the skin and supporting the skin barrier. This treatment works well for acne scarring too and across different skin tones (as tested by Estee Lauder).

How I’ve Been Using The Treatment to Achieve Radiant Skin

I use it morning and night. First I apply ANR and then I apply this brightening treatment on top. They both have super light textures so together they feel comfortable layered on the skin. On its own this serum or any other will not be enough. You must use sunscreen to protect your skin in conjunction with this treatment.

Estee Lauder has some brilliant SPFs in their Perfectionist range. One is the Multi-Defense UV Fluid SPF45* (with mineral filters) and the other is the new Aqua UV GEL SPF50* (with chemical filters). Both contain 8 antioxidants alongside squalane and hyaluronic acid. The gel is very lightweight and leaves no white cast over the skin which can be the best option for deeper skin tones. If you have oily skin, you might also prefer this. Makeup goes on beautifully over these sunscreens too – so really, you have no excuse not to pick up a good sunscreen and protect your skin!

It’s pretty impressive what using the right ingredients can do for your skin so quickly. Of course, it does take time to heal pigmentation but you need to be diligent and consistent with your routine to upkeep healthy, balanced skin.