In Association with Estée Lauder

As I write these lines, I have to pinch myself- I am so thrilled to be partnering with Estee Lauder as their ANR (my favourite ever serum!) Ambassador. My 15 year old self would never believe that one day I‘d be working with Estee Lauder (True Fact: Instead of pop stars, I used to stick Estee Lauder beauty ads of Paulina Porizkova on my bedroom walls!)

You see, I am passionate about Skin. And my passion goes way back- it all started in my early teens when my grandmother instilled good skincare habits into me. Ever since then, any money I made (at first from baby-sitting and then waitressing) went into cleansers, masks, serums,moisturisers and the list goes on….Whilst all my girlfriends were more into makeup, for me it’s always been about skincare and to this day, I firmly believe it’s the starting point and core of Beauty.

I love that skincare has become a much bigger focus lately and that women (and men!) are investing in their complexion. On the flip-side, this increased usage of products has led to many experiencing more skin issues. Not using the right ingredients for one’s skin, or simply adding too many actives to a routine, can lead to reactions and inflammation. Anyone who reads my posts or follows my Sunday Facials knows that I talk about inflammation A LOT- and that’s because it impairs your skin’s natural barrier function. The bottom line is that you need a well-functioning skin barrier in order to have glowing, healthy skin. The key to good skin comes from a combination of quality sleep, smart nutrition, managing stress levels and using effective products. And this is where my all time favourite serum, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II comes in.

Estee lauder advanced night repair evening skincare routine

It’s hardly a secret that I highly rate ANR and I have credited it countless times as being my holy grail skin product. So what makes Advanced Night Repair so special? I won’t pretend that I don’t use other products- of course I do, it’s my job to trial the newest treatments. But there are a handful of products I am very loyal to and ANR is my #1 . Why? Because it’s a miracle worker, my do-it-all-serum, my soothing safety blanket that brings my skin back into balance when it plays up. The serum contains anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid – which improve the skin’s moisture content whilst simultaneously helping skin to boost its natural night time repair.

Estee lauder advanced night repair evening skincare routine

When your barrier is healthy, your skin feels softer and looks smoother. An important element for me is also that the serum is devoid of synthetic fragrance (fragrance can be an irritant). And the oil-free lightweight texture is perfect for just about anybody: All skins benefit from using a light humectant – and for oilier skins this hydrating serum may even deliver enough moisture. Dehydrated or drier skins (like mine) will want to layer an emollient moisturiser on top to seal in moisture and add nourishment. We actually filmed a tutorial to show you the new “Power Nap” facial that you can get at any Estee Lauder counter now, which shows you my perfect night time skin care tutorial using my beloved ANR (see below link!). And I am sharing a few BTS images of our fun shoot day.

Estee lauder advanced night repair evening skincare routine

My lifestyle is pretty much on the go and no matter where I am or what time zone I am in, ANR is the one constant in my skincare regime. I use it twice daily- AM and PM (even though it’s got the word ‘Night’ in it – you can use it mornings too, in fact I believe you should.) I often get asked what the immediate results of using ANR are and for me that’s not really what this product is about (yes, you do get instant plumpness, softness and glow) but in actual fact, this is a longterm investment in the future health of your skin, I actually refer to ANR as my ‘Clock-Stopper’. My philosophy will always be: It’s not about chasing every single little line, wrinkle or pore- but about aiming for your best skin and this I guarantee you, is achievable by understanding what works and what doesn’t. Regardless of age or skin condition, Advanced Night Repair is a great addition to your skincare routine.

Click below to see what a typical day in my life looks like and to get a view into my night time skin care ritual