How to do Gua Sha At Home

how to gua sha facial at home

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One positive we can take from having to spend more time at home is the opportunity to indulge in a little more selfcare. We’re often always on the move, or perhaps, only getting the chance to savour our skincare routine for those Sunday Facials. Today, I want to share with you the benefits of gua sha and how you can do it at home.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

It de-puffs (reducing water retention through lymphatic drainage), improves blood flow and eases facial muscle tension. Overall, this promotes a healthier complexion and most importantly makes you feel revived and lighter.

Generally, I tend to have water retention in my face and a sluggish lymph system. Every morning and night I like to spend a little time performing a gua sha routine to stimulate my lymph and depuff my face. This is a technique that I learned from Tarryn Bespoke Skincare (whom I highly recommend).

Only use your gua sha tool on cleansed skin. I apply an oil to create a bit more slip on the skin so the tool glides easily. My favourite is the Biossance Squalane Oil*. You need to swipe the tool flat against the skin, gliding it at an angle. It should never feel like your dragging or pulling the skin. You must be gentle. Don’t press too hard.

My Gua Sha Routine to Reduce Puffiness

Most of my water retention sits around my chin and jawline. This massage technique helps to support the lymph and flush out the system.

  1. I start with seven gentle downward strokes from the jawline down the neck.
  2. Seven gentle strokes up my jawline towards my ear.
  3. Water can also accumulate just before the ear. I do seven strokes from the ear, down and across underneath the ear and then down the neck.
  4. Repeat this on the other side.

My Gua Sha Routine to Ease Muscle Tension

When using this tool to ease muscle tension, you can apply a bit more pressure.

  1. To relieve all that tension in my jaw I will glide the tool upwards towards my ear with some pressure. I open my mouth to really get into the jaw.
  2. I also get tension between my eyes. So, I take the tool sidewards and push upwards on my brows.
  3. Then I’ll go over the brow bone area, following my eye shape. Not too hard on the pressure especially around the eyes.
  4. Repeat the same number of strokes on both sides.
gua sha facial massage tools rose jade odacite

Gua Sha Tools I Recommend

  1. The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool by Elequra* (which you can see me using in the video).
  2. Hayo’u do a great jade one called the Beauty Restorer*.
  3. Odacite Crystal Contour* – I love the Blue Sodalite version. Sodalite is meant to restore harmony, peace and ease fear which is a comforting sentiment in these times.