My Inflight Skincare Routine

inflight skincare routine

I’ve been travelling non-stop these last few weeks. Between the jetlag, routine changes and dry, recirculated plane air, skin can get really dehydrated and dull. This is my long-haul inflight skincare routine to help nourish and repair my skin barrier. I don’t really have a specific routine for short-haul flights (perhaps just lip balm and a face mist since I’ll already be wearing makeup and heading straight to meetings once landed).

My Inflight Essentials

Hydration and hygiene are the two key elements to my inflight routine.

I always bring my own pillow – a travel-sized version of the Slip Silk Pillow*. I use the full-sized version at home anyway. They are designed to absorb less of your skincare (which is ideal if you’ve just applied a nourishing overnight mask) and create less friction as you sleep. They make such a difference for me and I wake up without frizzy hair – bonus! I’ll also wear the Sleep Mask that comes with it. The Slip Silk Scrunchie* is also a favourite – they’re much gentler on my hair. I use these all the time. 

The Suzanne Kaufmann Purif-I Hand Spray* is my go-to to clean my hands. I’m obsessed with hygiene (more so on a flight) and am forever spritzing this. I’ll then spritz the Neom De-stress On the Go Mist around myself. I love the scent and the relaxing aura it creates.

My Hydrating InFlight Skincare

As soon as I settle onto a flight I’ll go straight in with my skincare. From removing my makeup to masking. If it’s a night flight I’ll skip on the sunscreen. The only time I’ll use a facial wipe to cleanse with is on a flight. They’re not the most sustainable option nor a great way to cleanse your skin but in this situation they’ll suffice. I do like these Koh Gen Doh Spa Water Facial Wipes* – they’re the best I’ve found. The formulation is slightly acidic and the wipes are organic Japanese cotton – very gentle on the skin.

After cleansing I’ll mist with the Estee Lauder Micro Essence*. When you’re trying to rehydrate your skin you want to avoid any mist formulation that’s mostly water. Something with hyaluronic acid is ideal.

Of course, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair makes an appearance. I travel with the ANR Serum* and ANR Eye Cream* for hydration. I’ve also recently been loving the Biossance Peptide + Squalane Eye Gel*. A lightweight and super hydrating formulation. Under your eyes has the thinnest skin so any signs of dehydration will show here first. This is why a good eye cream is important!

Shop My InFlight Skincare

I love a good (non-messy) sheet mask during a long flight. My top picks are my Primark Maximum Moisture Mask and the Rodial Pink Diamond Lifting Mask*.

To really hydrate, nourish and protect my skin barrier I’ve been alternating between the Biossance Squalane + Omega Repair Cream* and La Mer Soft Cream*. My lips dry out so much so I switch between the Estee Lauder Rescue Lip Oil Serum* and the Guerlain Super Lips*.

The final layer is sunscreen. An often missed step! It’s important to remember that whilst we’re technically “inside a plane” those UVA and UVB rays are still exposed to your skin through those windows (and they penetrate through glass). I use the Garnier Sensitive Advanced UV Face Fluid SPF50*. You can learn more about sunscreen and the rays that affect our skin in my Be Sun Smart post.

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