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Black eyeliner might sound basic, but getting it right is trickier than it seems. Plus, with endless options – it’s about working out which formula is right for the finish you want. A thin line along the top lashes for low-key definition? Lining the inner rims for a rock n’ roll vibe or a thick winged shape for a rebellious effect? I’m no liner pro and lots of trial and error has got me to my ultimate liner edit.

My Ultimate Eyeliner Edit

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner*
A no-smudge or budge gel-liner…dries quickly but also doesn’t smear.

Yves Saint Laurent Shocking False Lash Effect Eyeliner*
An easy to master quick-dry felt-tip pen – perfect for flicks and wings. (I find felt tip pens speediest to use – check out my other faves in the main shot above)

Tom Ford High Definition Eye Liner*
This retractable pencil is perfect for a sharp, clean line as it’s totally stress-free to use, like a pen.

Dior Diorshow Khol*
Utterly blendable, this chubby pencil is perfect to line inside the lash-line for a sultry or edgy look.


All pros advise to use a pencil first to draw the shape and then tracing over it with a liquid or gel liner. It’s easier to clean up pencil mistakes than liner.

The secret to getting precise line is to make one continuous stroke, but if you don’t have those expert skills, try this: starting at the outer corners, sketch little dashes with a pencil right into lashes and then connect the dots.

The fool-proof trick to sexy eyes: take a chunky pencil and draw it all around eyes following your lash-lines. Then grab a cotton bud, dip it very lightly with eye cream or a colour-less eye primer and blur the lines with it. Et Voila!