Simple Brushed Brows

natural brushed brows tutorial

My at-home routine for simple, natural brushed brows. I get a lot of questions about my brows and how I do them. I don’t microblade or laminate my brows and instead opt to get them threaded at Blink Brow Bar.

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My personal preference is to have long, natural brows. I like a simple, natural shape rather than sharp and arched. And of course, brows aren’t twins, they should complement each other in shape but not too precise that it looks unnatural. 

Day-to-day my most important step is to brush them up with a spoolie and then I’ll hold them up in place with a gloss. My go-to is the Blink Clear Brow Gloss* but I also love Glossier Boy Brow*. 

My Natural Brushed Brows Routine

  1. Brush brows down with a spoolie.
  2. Draw along the top line of the brow and follow the shape, almost drawing the edges using the Blink Ultimate Arch Definer*.
  3. Brush brows up with a spoolie.
  4. Fill in any gaps with a fine pencil. I like the Blink Slim Definer* in the shade Indian Chocolate.
  5. Finish with a matching tinted brow gel. I use Blink’s Tinted Gel* in Indian Chocolate.