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The skincare regimes we choose should always be tailored to our individual needs. Our skin is more than a predefined “skin type”. It changes under the influence of our lifestyle; biological cycles, sleep, stress, diet and seasonal shifts to name but a few. For example, whenever I share my Sunday Facials I’ll choose products based on what my skin needs on that day. Ultimately, the regime we choose should be personalised and responsive to our skin’s current condition. This is exactly what DUOLAB is all about – understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all skincare solution. 

What is DUOLAB?

A sleek at-home device that whips up a daily dose of face cream for you – freshly blended and customisable by the two capsules you choose for your duo. This system of mixing yourself a single daily dose of cream means you can switch your combination of base and actives every day (if you choose) based on what your skin needs. And when you’re finished with your capsules, collect them (they offer a cute ceramic jar for this) and post with the prepaid envelope provided for recycling via TerraCycle. You can also take them directly into one of their stores.

The Capsules

DUOLAB offers you 15 possible combinations (aka duos) of face cream. You can choose between a selection of 3 moisturising bases and 5 targeted concentrates (with actives) to blend them with – all developed by L’Occitane.

Moisturising Base Capsules (Fragrance free, between 97-98% natural ingredients, no preservatives)

Light Cream – with hyaluronic acid and mattifying bamboo powder, ideal for normal to combo skin types.

Melting Cream – with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and olive leaf, ideal for drier skin types or if you’re seeking extra nourishment especially in the winter.

Night Cream – with tephrosia extract, a flowering plant, known for its relaxing and rebalancing properties. Suitable for all and offers plumped, nourished skin upon waking. 

Targeted Concentrate Capsules

Energizing Radiance – a cocktail of skin glowing ingredients including sea buckthorn oil with reflective micro-pigments to give that healthy, refreshed skin glow.

Soothing Comfort – offers deep nourishment and skin barrier protection with shea oil and waterlily extract.

Skin Brightening – a brilliant blend of meadowsweet, white mulberry and vitamin C to actively reduce dark spots and pigmentation. The addition of rice powder evens skin complexion and boots luminosity. 

Skin Firming – camellia oil, acmella oleracea (a herb) and immortelle essential oil work together to smooth, nourish and tighten the skin over time. 

Refined Texture – to achieve that soft focus, smooth and healthy complexion you have a blend of cranberry AHA and micro-powders to improve skin texture alongside rebalancing rosehip oil. 

You can find more details on these ingredients and consumer test results for each targeted concentrate here:

personalised skincare DUOLAB

How does DUOLAB work?

It’s a clever concept that fuses modern day tech with skincare. To get the most out of your DUOLAB device you need to download their DUOLAB mobile app. The first step is to answer their questions and have a photo of yourself (fresh faced and makeup free) analysed by their LoxSkinAI artificial intelligence. This AI identifies your different skin concerns from dryness and redness to wrinkle levels.

The purpose of this is to create your personalised care programme which is generated by the DlabPredictAI. This selects which DUOLAB capsules would work best for your profile and which duos to use morning and night. This takes into consideration the current season and your skin profile. If you’re struggling to understand what you skin needs this is a brilliant skin responsive assistant to have on hand. In the future, DUOLAB is looking to utilise more data to offer better personalisation based on environmental factors (like daily weather and pollution), hormonal changes and sleep activity. 


Using the DUOLAB device is like a neat little coffee machine. You choose your duo of 1 moisturising base + 1 targeted concentrate and pop them in the machine. It only takes 90 seconds to emulsify and dispense your cream. With each element being sealed in individual airtight capsules, there’s no need for preservatives. Whilst we need preservatives in our typical everyday skincare housed in jars and bottles etc. there’s something luxurious and kind to the skin to be able to apply a fresh, “just made” formulation.

What I also love is that the device itself is designed so that no product ever touches the inside of the device meaning you never need to get it cleaned or buy an additional cleaning solution. It’s brilliant how the two capsules in your duo click together so the blending happens whilst still in the capsule packaging. The creams are blended at the same temperature as the skin which feels so warm and comforting to apply. It also helps boost the cream’s absorption and efficacy. 

You know I love my plethora of skincare products but there are times when the ease and comfort of choosing a DUOLAB dose of cream is appreciated. Personalised skincare where you don’t have to do all the work is underrated. The effortless, mess-free approach and dosage control. Of course it is a skin investment (starting at £250) but one that leads to less waste and a more sustainable outlook on your skincare regime. DUOLAB are forward thinking in their approach and I’m excited to see how they will grow their offering and the ways we can experience caring for our skin – effectively, intuitively and sustainably. 

Exclusive Offer

Get a Duolab Formulator and 4 capsule packs (2 Moisturising Bases and 2 Targeted Concentrates) for a discounted bundle price of £194.

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For more information check out the DUOLAB website:

DUOLAB device available in 3 colours for £250. All capsules come in packs of 14 for £17.50 which need to be purchased separately.