Skincare Tips for Mask Wearing

skincare tips for mask wearers

As lockdown eases and we are able to venture out and about more, wearing a face covering will become more frequent. Yet another reason why it’s so important to take extra care and attention when looking after our skin. Face coverings create this dark, moist environment which bacteria thrive in (especially if you have blemish prone skin). This same environment can also create flakier skin for drier skin types. To help combat this and the rise of maske and promote healthy, comfortable skin, these are my five skincare tips.

TIP #1 Mask Material Matters

I always recommend choosing natural fibre masks such as cotton or silk. One of my favourites is the Slip Silk Mask* as the silk is antimicrobial and it doesn’t create as much friction on the skin. I also recommend the new The Light Salon Antimicrobial Mask which has been an absolute game changer in terms of being comfortable and effective. Whichever face covering you choose, wearing a lot less makeup is ideal as it’s likely to transfer and sweat off.

TIP #2 Double Cleanse, Always

Double cleansing has become the default. You need to be vigilant but gentle with cleansing to ensure the skin is super clean without stripping it – especially if you’ve been wearing a mask all day. This will make sure you cleanse away sweat, bacteria and anything else that builds up inside that humid mask environment. Concentrate around the chin and jaw area or anywhere else you’ve noticed breakouts starting.

The Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleanser* is a great lightweight cleanser to refresh the skin. I’m also loving the new The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Cleansing Jelly which has that oily base so you can massage it into the skin really well. You can remove this with a washcloth or makeup remover pads and it doesn’t leave skin feeling tight. Other great cleansing options are the new Clarins Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse* and The Nue Co’s Barrier Culture Cleanser* – both gentle yet effective cleansers.

TIP #3 Exfoliate to Keep Skin Fresh

Exfoliating the skin is paramount to keeping skin fresh ensuring layers of dead skin cells are being removed. This is something that wearing a mask for long periods of time can prevent and in turn create blockages in the pores. Regular exfoliation and the types of acid you use will depend on your skin type. I have an in-depth guide on choosing acid exfoliants here. In general, if you have oily, clogged skin choose a BHA. For drier, flaky or mature skin you may prefer an AHA. At the moment I’m exfoliating every two days but will do this daily (yet gently) whenver I have blemishes/maskne that needs attention.

I love the Summer Fridays Soft Reset* at night. It’s a potent AHA liquid formulation of lactic and glycolic acid but the blend is interesting with the addition of niacinamide. It’s designed as a leave-on solution but if you have sensitivity in your skin you can always wash this off.

Another great way to keep skin fresh and clean is to use a good deep cleansing mask a few times per week. This edit covers some of my favourites. And if you’re struggling with maskne – browse my edit of blemish busters.

TIP #4 Support Your Skin Barrier

After deep cleansing and exfoliation to reveal that clean, fresh skin it’s all about replenishing and supporting that skin barrier to create the best possible protection for your skin. I’ve already shared an edit of my favourite barrier repairing skincare treatments here. 

I’m also loving this newer launch from Elizabeth Arden – the Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules*. I love these because they’re so hygienic, perfectly dosed with one capsule enough for face and neck. The formula contains different sizes of hyaluronic acid to give that plumpness plus the ceramides to nourish and replenish the skin. They work so beautifully together to create a layer locking all the moisture in the skin. Truly brilliant – I’ve been so excited for this launch!

TIP #5 Prep the Skin for Your Mask

If you’re wearing makeup and need to wear your mask on/off throughout the day you must prep the skin. With the mask on you want to ensure that your foundation stays put, mattifies and doesn’t get sticky and transfers a lot onto the mask. This is why I’ve started wearing primer more. You can read about some of my favourite primers in this edit.