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My Top 8 Body Exfoliators

Whilst the beach might not be calling your name just yet – it’s never too early to look and feel the part. As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in winter. Though that makes me slightly roll my eyes, I do like the idea of making small but manageable adjustments. And one such is to use an exfoliating scrub regularly, even when there is no body skin on show.

I used to neglect my body in winter – seeing as it’s all hidden away, I worked from the theory “out of sight, out of mind”, only to go into panic mode when faced with scaly winter skin. I remember once interviewing Elle Macpherson and she told me she exfoliated in the shower every day, so she doesn’t need to beach-prep as she is year-round ready. That stuck with me and once I overcame my ‘can’t-be-asked’ attitude, I started doing my own version – I’m not a supermodel who needs to be able to slip on a bikini at the drop of a hat, so thrice a week exfoliation is enough. And though it’s only a teeny thing – this tweak has made a big difference about how I feel about myself (and am kind of loving having perma-soft skin). Here’s my round up of the best body exfoliators. (And don’t forget to follow up with one of my favourite body softeners).
the Best 8 Body Exfoliators
1. L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Scrub*

This is hands-down the best scrub for very dry skin – thick and nourishing, thanks to generous dose of shea butter and apricot oil.

2. Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Body Polish*

Exfoliates rough patches including those tiny keratosis pilaris bumps on the backs of your arms with its effective lactic acid formula, combined with ultra-fine microdermabrasion granules.

3. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream*

Completely gets rid of rough skin and the minty scent is so crisp and refreshing. Great for everybody, including oily skins.

4. Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub*

For Smooth Skin Satisfyingly grainy without being scratchy – it practically melts away flakiness.

5. Bliss Hot Salt Scrub*

Brace yourself – this super invigorating salt scrub heats up as you rub it over dry skin and then cools down when you rinse it off – leaving your skin softened and revived.

6. Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish*

An ultra moisturising gooey cream that leaves skin so soft and hydrated – perfect to even out skin in between self-tan applications.

7. Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub*

So luxe. The buttery soft paste gently buffs with smoothing sugar and salt, plus softening wheat-germ, avocado and olive oil, which stays on skin, obliterating the need for a body moisturizer.

8. Ole Henriksen Rub’ n Buff  Salt Scrub*

The smell is so heavenly – sweet and lemony and it leaves skin baby fresh.