Spring Fragrance Wardrobe

spring fragrance wardrobe

My Spring fragrance wardrobe – Spring/Summer scents to transition into this new season. I definitely wear my fragrances seasonally, with a few on rotation, introducing new scents depending on how I feel.  

Fragrance for me is about a feeling – it’s personal and evocative. I find it difficult to talk about notes because they can have such varied meanings. For example, a rose can be rich and voluptuous or fresh and spring like. I tend to focus on the feelings and deeper, meaningful connections that fragrance brings, tying to our olfactive memory.

There are so many elements that affect the fragrances we choose. Lifestyle, work, relationships – our taste evolves over time. Fragrance is very much an unspoken language and an extension of our personality so wear what draws you in. 

spring fragrance wardrobe the alex edit replica baie 19 molton brown

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Jil Sander Sun is still my number one scent and long-term love (it features in my Summer scents edit too). I’ve worn this since I was a teenager – it’s the one perfume I’m most associated with and connects me in people’s olfactive memory. It’s still very popular in Austria and Germany. The top note is quite citrusy with orange blossom (one of my favourite scents). It has iris in the middle and ylang ylang for warmth with a vanilla and tonka base. It’s a very “sunshine and skin” smell – I’m addicted to it. 

There’s something very clean, fresh and positive about the scents of orange blossom and orange flower. It brings about an air of optimism. I have been wearing Zara Fleur d’Oranger a lot. Jo Malone created this range of fragrances for Zara and this one has such a fresh and uplifting mood.

I love the poetic name of Diptyque L’Ombre dans L’Eau* meaning the shadow in the water. A unique scent that I can mainly describe as green and wet. Like a blend of dark berries and heavy, rich rose. It is a subtly sexy fragrance.

I fell in love with Le Labo Baie 19* the second I smelled it. Described as the scent of water after the rain. For me it’s the dry patchouli scent that I find comforting. It also has this sharp zing – definitely not a floral or girly scent. I think that anyone could wear this should they choose.

The new Replica Maison Margiela Bubble Bath* is different to my usual fragrance wardrobe. A soapy, clean scent accompanied by the softness of white musk which I love. It has a subtle coconut scent which normally I wouldn’t be a fan of but it’s cleverly balanced with jasmine to bring out this indulgent, relaxing, soapy, creamy feeling. I’ll be wearing a lot of this throughout the Spring – I adore the comforting scent!

spring fragrance wardrobe the alex edit replica baie 19 molton brown

L’Ombre des Merveilles* is one of my favourite Hermes fragrances. An original blend where the top notes of black tea are cut through with middle notes of incense which take it away from being too light and girly. It also has tonka bean which adds warmth. Such a wearable and interesting fragrance.

As a bonus I thought I’d share my favourite male fragrance – Dior Homme*. Honestly, it’s hard to describe why but I love this scent on men. It’s such a sexy and inviting scent. There are a few versions of this but the eau de toilette is my favourite. 

There are also a number of newer Spring fragrances that have upgraded my seasonal scent wardrobe. Jo Malone’s Spring Blossoms Collection* transports you a sunshine destination with these fresh, bright and playful scents.

Maison Margiela Replica Matcha Meditation* is a beautifully fresh and serene balance of orange blossom and jasmine floral notes with a not too sweet, comforting and woody base. It’s aim is to transport you to a crisp, bright Tokyo day, with a warming drink in hand, and it definitely delivers.

I adore Molton Brown’s Orange & Bergamot* scent that slowly transitions the seasons bringing you uplifting, fresh citrus with warming musky, earthy notes and my favourite – orange blossom. It’s a vibrant yet comforting scent that I love across their range of bath and body products too.