Best Sunscreens for Body

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With summer in full swing, it’s crucial to have sun safety top of mind (both for skin ageing and health). Sheer, lightweight textures that don’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin and easy application – here are my favourite body sunscreens you‘ll actually want to wear. You can browse my favourite sunscreens for the face in this edit.

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Decleor Aloe Vera Sun Gel Cream SPF 50+*

This gel cream texture is super lightweight and feels refreshing and soothing on the skin. The sunscreen is enriched with aloe vera and botanical sesame oils to deliver hydrated and nourished skin with every application.

Sisley Super Soin Solaire Body Cream SPF 30*

I adore the luxe, silky texture of this cream. It glides onto the skin effortlessly and offers skin barrier protection against UVA, UVB and environmental aggressors. Packed with nourishing oils (camellia, mango and shea), not only do you get sun protection but also hydrated, supple skin throughout the day. The bonus is the calming lavender and geranium scent this sunscreen has.

Heliocare 360 Invisible Spray SPF 50+*

The perfect sunscreen to apply on-the-go and for beach top-ups. This spray delivers even transparent coverage and a non-greasy finish. It’s also water-resistant and will be just as effective even when applied to wet skin! Generally, I love the Heliocare range of sunscreens. They have some brilliant non-heavy formulas for both face and body – from gel creams to sunscreen with a tint.

Vichy Capital Soleil Tan Enhancing SPF 50*

A brilliant, more affordable sunscreen suitable for face and body. I love the spray format to apply an even layer of this super lightweight solar water formula. Suitable for sensitive skins, it also contains beta carotene, rich in antioxidants, to enhance a healthy tan. Stay protected from the sun but still get your holiday glow!

Hello Sunday Body Cream SPF 50*

One of the latest sunscreen brands on the block, Hello Sunday offers a refreshingly lightweight body cream with SPF 50 and a subtle mint, lime and geranium scent. Infused with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, you’re left with nourished skin and a velvety soft semi-matte finish on the skin. 

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Revive Soleil Superieur Body SPF 50*

A brilliant formulation that delivers both sun protection and skincare benefits. Packed with an antioxidant complex to protect the skin from free radical damage and premature aging alongside glycerin to soften and a bio-renewal protein to encourage skin renewal. This applies as a lightweight cream – almost like a skincare treatment and SPF in one. 

Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray*

Another great, super sheer SPF spray perfect for on-the-go. It applies evenly across the skin and offers water-resistance for up to 80 minutes. It dries very quickly so easy to apply on the go without transferring onto clothes. 

Ultrasun Sports Spray SPF 50*

I love a good sweat proof sunscreen and if it comes in a spray – even better. Ultrasun offers a non-greasy, lightweight clear SPF infused with Vitamin E. Designed to be used on the go – it’s one for your beach bag. 

Vichy Sun-Milk Face & Body SPF 50*

Vichy’s super lightweight and hydrating milk formulation feels fresh and moisturising on the skin. Suitable for sensitive skins, it’s a non-clogging and non-greasy solution.

Clarins Body Oil-in-Mist SPF 30*

I love how suncare has evolved to offer skin-loving formulations and textures with the same high level of protection. This is a brilliant dry oil offering UVA and UVB protection and nourished, glowing skin. A good choice if you tend to have dry skin and want that hydration boost. It can also be used in your hair or to spray along exposed scalps to protect the skin and condition those roots at the same time.