Supplements On Rotation

best supplements for wellbeing adaptogens, lyma life, gut health

I’ve previously shared my supplements routine and my perspective on wellness in this Inside Out Beauty post. Lately, I’ve been incorporating a different rotation of supplements into my routine from ayurvedic medicine to gut health. As always, your approach to wellbeing and the supplements you choose must be targeted. The following are recommendations based on what has worked for me. Always check with your doctor or nutritionist to ensure you are taking what suits your body’s needs and any deficiencies you may have. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate shopping links marked by a *. If you choose to purchase through these links, I may receive a small percentage commission of your purchase. This does not add any additional cost to you.

best supplements for wellbeing adaptogens, lyma life, gut health

Marie Reynolds Catalyst + Defend

Feeling bloated? Digestive enzymes support the digestive system by aiding the body in metabolising protein, fat and carbs more effectively. Catalyst helps you get the maximum nutrients from the food you’re eating. Defend is a supplement complex offering high quality multi-functional immunity support. It falls under the category of an ultimate health booster in my book!

Wild Nutrition Ashwagandha Plus*

Feeling a bit low? Try Ashwagandha – a herb commonly used in ayurvedic medicine. It’s considered an adaptogen helping the body adapt to stress. This supplement helps with stress relief, strengthening the immune system, memory retrieval, managing anxiety and improving sleep quality. 

Absolutely Pure Undefatted Beef Liver*

Vitamin A is a key nutrient for building collagen and repairing skin tissue. I consider it the most important nutrient for skin health. It’s great to keep skin youthful but also helpful if you suffer from acne, which can be caused by Vitamin A deficiency. Liver is actually the best source of Vitamin A but rather than eat liver I take this supplement religiously. 

The Nue Co Nootro Focus*

Need sharper focus? Adaptogens have roots in traditional Chinese medicine and work to regulate your cortisol levels (your body’s stress hormone). This leads to a more balanced nervous system. Taking this has elevated my energy levels and focus but not made me jittery in any way which some prescription meds can do. 

Lyma Life Supplement

My personal daily vitamin of choice. This is your all-in-one for those who don’t want to be juggling taking multiple supplements a day. Touted as an all-rounder insurance to support and boost healthy cell function. This rolls-royce of supplements is vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and with zero synthetic binders or fillers.