The Perfect Product for Glowing Winter Skin

glowing winter skin tan luxe self tan

As soon as the cold season hits, I’m looking for that perfect product for glowing winter skin. This means reaching for one of my favourite overnight treatments – the Tan Luxe Sleep Oil. It has become a staple in my skincare routine bringing warmth to my complexion and giving my skin that sought after glow. It replaces wearing heavier coverage makeup and has become a part of my process in relearning how I want to look after my skin given the new reality of wearing face coverings.

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I’ve always tended to tan in the evenings so an overnight tan suits me best. You want to apply this to fresh skin – you can read about my top skin prepping tips here. I love the Tan Luxe Sleep Oil* so much to provide that extra nourishment to suit dry, parched and mature skins. It’s this beautiful blend of nourishing and conditioning oils: argan, marula, jojoba. The DHA (tanning agent) used is at a low pH so it won’t develop into a deep tan. Instead, you get this beautifully natural, healthy glow. 

glowing winter skin tan luxe self tan sleep oil

Because I want to have a continuous glow going, I use this every 2 nights. Applying a few drops into the palms of my hands, I will rub it into my face (avoiding the eye area) and take it down the neck too. Any left over product goes on the back of my hands and then I’ll be sure to wash my hands afterwards to avoid tanning the palms.

What I love about the Tan Luxe range is that they offer skincare benefits to the self-tan process. Instead of the Sleep Oil you may prefer the Illuminating Drops* which you can add to your existing skincare routine. Or you may choose the Superglow Serum* which is a lighter formulation with hyaluronic acid that’s great for oilier skin types.