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My top 5 glossier product favourites

I’m a huge fan of the Glossier brand. They focus on launching products that their customers want and have built a range packed with brilliant skincare formulations and effortless makeup that work well together. It was difficult to just pick five but here are my top Glossier favourites.

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best glossier products boy brow

Boy Brow*

I use the shade brown. I love that this formula is not too wet and the brush doesn’t pick up excess product. It effortlessly keeps my brows in place and you can build to add a little volume for a bold brow.  A clever makeup bag staple.

Future Dew*

One of the newest in the Glossier range. You know how much I love a healthy skin glow and this oil-serum hybrid ticks all the boxes. It contains 4 hydrating oils to really nourish the skin and squalane (my favourite) to lock in that moisture. Perfect for dehydrated/dry/dull skin.

glossier glowing skin future dew
glossier edit bubblewrap

Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Plumping Cream*

Not only do I love a good multi-purpose product but this comes in a pump – very hygienic! Hyaluronic acid, antioxidant blueberry extract and my favourite squalane – all the ingredients you need for a hydrating eye cream (which is key when prepping your makeup base). The combination of this pressed in around the eyes and then the Stretch Concealer on top gives you the right balance of moisture under the eyes without the concealer sliding off. 

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Super Bounce Serum*

Super Bounce is perfect for dehydrated/dry skin that craves a drink of moisture. It contains soothing Vitamin B5 and three different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid. Why is this good? Each weight will penetrate to different layers of your skin. The largest weighted molecules stay on top and is what gives your skin that immediate plumpness and bouncy feeling. Whilst Super Bounce is my favourite of the Super Serums, you can actually layer them all together. Starting with Pure to Glow and then Bounce.

glossier serum favourites
best glossier makeup products

Stretch Concealer*

This works so well under the eyes and to cover blemishes whether used with your fingers or a brush. I love that the formulation blends really well and is super buildable providing good coverage under the eyes without creasing. I carry this in my bag as it’s perfect for touch-ups throughout the day. 

You can watch the Glossier makeup tutorial I did with @nikki_makeup over on my Instagram Story Highlights.