New in: The Light Salon Antimicrobial Mask

the light salon antimicrobial mask

Face coverings have become a part of our everyday lives and choosing one that offers protection whilst being comfortable and easy to wear is key. So when The Light Salon mentioned they were launching an antimicrobial face covering I just had to try it! I’m a huge fan of their LED treatments (both in the salon and at home) so I knew this new offering was going to be incredible. 

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The Light Salon Antimicrobial Masks are honestly next level. Made with a super lightweight sustainable organic bamboo viscose (that’s biodegradable), the material is dipped in ViralOff® antimicrobial technology which destroys 99% of viruses that land on the material. 

What is ViralOff®? It’s a blend of titanium dioxide and silver chloride that has been tested against airborne diseases. Whilst it is made from recycled silver it contains no nano-silver, making it safe for the skin.

When I first started wearing face coverings I was getting breakouts and lots of irritation along the jawline. But wearing these new Antimicrobial Masks, it really does feel like nothing on the skin. They are comfortable, breathable and don’t create friction which can often lead to irritation. You can also wear them for many hours without getting itchy.

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the light salon antimicrobial mask

Because of the antimicrobial coating, you don’t have to wash these masks after each use. Of course, if you’re wearing a lot of makeup and there’s lots of transfer etc. then washing after use would be ideal. Each mask is best hand washed up to 15 times before replacing. 

Available in Natural (an off-white) and Black – you can buy them individually (£18.00) OR as a part of their Skin Repair Set (£50.00).

The Skin Repair Set comes with two Antimicrobial Masks and the Cleanse & Recovery Spray.  I love this spray for when I’m using my LED Boost Mask and in this instance it is great to apply on the skin before putting on the mask (if you’re not wearing makeup). It helps to balance your skin’s pH and relieve redness. It’s also ideal to use after removing the mask to balance the complexion and tackle blemishes.

(Affiliate discount code) Use my code Alex_FaceMask10 at checkout for 10% off an individual Antimicrobial Mask or the Skin Repair Set! 

Zero skin irritation and better protection – these masks are a game changer! You can shop them here.