The Skin Rules I Live By

It’s all very well to focus on the latest and greatest, but we can sometimes forget the basic skin facts that hold true for everyone. No hype, no hyperbole, these ten rules work for all, regardless of age or skin condition.

1. Don’t Be A Clean Freak

A cleanser is not meant to make your skin squeaky clean, a toner is not meant to make your skin feel tight and an exfoliant shouldn’t sting, burn or make your face red. All of those are signs of irritation and irritation leads to inflammation, which is never good news for anyone.

2. Wash With Lukewarm Water

Very hot water dries the skin and can stimulate sebum flow. Dial down your tap and finish with a cold rinse. As for cleansers – I only use soap-free, non-irritating formulas.

3. Be Careful Not To Over-Moisturise

Products that are too rich, can block pores, provoke blackheads and breakouts.

4. …However Even Oily Skin Needs Moisture

Dehydration can make breakouts worse. Just make sure you use oil-free products.

5. Look After Your Neck and Hands

A lot of people take care of their faces, but totally neglect their neck and hands.  I apply the same thing I use on my face, down my neck and over the back of my hands, so they get equal level of hydration, protection, cell renewal and sun protection as my face.

6. Sleep On Silk

Silk pillowcases cause less friction against your skin (and hair!) so I don’t wake up with creases and hopefully get fewer lines in the long run.

7. Invest In A Humidifier

I noticed a real difference since using a humidifier in my bedroom –especially in winter when there is less moisture in the atmosphere, which tends to dehydrate skin.

8. Pop a Pill

A lot of experts will say that there is not evidence vitamin supplements are of any value to the skin. Regardless, I can only go by my own experience and they work for me. I take a high dose of Vitamin C daily (Biocare Vitamin C 1000) to help with collagen production, Fatty Acids (Advanced Nutrition Skin Omega’s+) to lubricate the skin from the inside whist also reducing inflammation and a Pre/Probiotic complex (Dr Nigma Healthy Flora) to keep my gut working optimally which is vitally important for healthy skin function.

9. Avoid Piling On Products

I’ll admit I have a lot of skincare products, for one because I earn my living trying new products, but I’m also a skincare obsessee. However – I’m very methodical about introducing new ingredients. I’ll try one new product roughly every two weeks (and I make sure I’m not duplicating ingredients), so I get the opportunity to see if it’s working for me. And if my skin reacts badly – I back off.

10. Do A Sunday Facial

It’s something I’ve done ever since I was a teenager. Taking time out once a week to put yourself first is great for the soul and skin. You don’t have to do endless steps – even if it’s just a good cleanse, exfoliation and mask – that’s perfect. Going to get professional treatments is wonderful but the ultimate secret to good skin is what you do at home and that means building a routine that is targeted and effective for you – quick and easy during the week and a bit more indulgent on Sunday.