Winter Body Softeners

My Top 6 Nourishing Winter Bodycare Tips

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It’s a fact that in winter, the skin’s protective barrier is at its most vulnerable: Lower humidity levels due to colder temperatures, coupled with elevated thermostats suck moisture out of the skin’s outermost layer, which leads to tightness, flakiness, itchiness and at worst painful cracks. Whilst most of us are pretty good at looking after our faces, whatever lies below the neck, often gets sadly neglected. Alongside my all year around body exfoliating picks, here are some tricks for getting through the cold patch smoothly.

1 Shower Correctly

You’re thinking ‘has she gone mad? Now she wants to tell us how to take a shower!’ Yes indeed I do – because as tempting as it may be to dilly-dally in a steaming hot shower, it strips away your skin’s protective oils. The solution? Cut down on shower time and turn the heat to lukewarm instead of piping hot. And most importantly: chuck your soap. Soap breaks down your skin’s lipid layer even more aggressively than hot water. Instead try a non-stripping cleanser like Eucerin Urea Repair Plus Replenishing Body Wash (perfect for very dry skin and even eczema and psoriasis) or my daily fave Origins Salt Suds Body Wash *(so softening and smoothing for normal to dry skin).

2 Upgrade your Body Lotion

Here is a fact for you: facial skin has more oil glands than the skin on the rest of your body (except the chest and back – hence why some people get breakouts there). So it stands to reason that everyone needs a richer body lotion for oil-deprived areas like legs and arms. For normal/dry skin lookout for formulas with humectants like glycerin and urea (I like E45 Intense Recovery Lotion and Soaper Duper Zingy Ginger Body Butter) and for very dry flaky skin go for more occlusive ingredients like Shea Butter (such as L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream*).

3 Double-Lock in Moisture

When my skin is seriously scaly I do this: After showering, I apply Elizabeth Arden 8hour All-Over Miracle Oil * to my still wet skin and rub it in. after toweling my skin dry, I add a layer of body cream on top to seal in the oil. The result is the softest skin EVER.

4 Grease Up your paws

My hands suffer most in winter because I’m rubbish at wearing gloves, so they get cold, red and really rough from being outdoors. And the reason is that wind is actually very damaging because it removes surface oils from the skin, which leads to chapping. During the day I wear Ultrasun SPF30 Fast Absorbing Hand Cream* as I get the sun protection too. And at night I cover my hands with Udderly Smooth Extra Care Cream, which is literally a miracle cure.

5 Make Foot Time

Feet are mostly hidden away in winter – but out of sight, should not mean out of mind. I slather Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream *over my feet before climbing into bed and when they are in serious need of relief, I apply a tick layer of Aquaphor Healing Ointment *and slip into cotton socks.